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An all purpose and versatile industrial performance lubricant spray that works well on metals, rubber, wood, glass, painted surfaces and other substances. .

HARDEX® 4D penetrates quickly to loosen corroded nuts, bolts, fastener screws and sliding parts.It also works as a rust inhibitor and moisture retardant to protect and lubricate practically every mechanical parts and component.

Formulated to clean, condition and protects tires, hoses, doors, power windows, bumpers etc. It contains special self spreading agents to ensure smooth, new-surface look and provides protection against elements that can crack, fade sidewall and surfaces.

Recommended Applications:
Lubricates all types of mechanical mechanisms and renew rubber surfaces. Act as water repellent, antistatic and mould release agent.

HARDEX Carburetor & Choke Cleaner

Quickly cleans and dissolves residue. Removes varnish and deposit build-up on the throttle plates and choke plates to improve engine performance. It is non corrosive and oxygen sensor safe.

Recommended Applications:

  • Carburetor and chokes of all manual and automatic vehicles
  • Air intakes
  • PVC valves
  • Heat risers
  • Features :

  • Friction free
  • Rust protection
  • Save cost
  • Convenient spray
  • Withstand hightemperature & pressure
  • Prevent wear & tear
  • Excellent resistance to water
  • Increase life span of metal parts
  • Hardex Spray Grease is specially engineered to provide fil strength, shear resistance and mechanical stability require for good grease lubrication. In most cases machine down time and parts worn out is caused by grease breaking down and leeching with high quiality ingredients to significantly reduce this problem. This spray grease is able to withstand high pressure and high temperature.

    1)Shake can well before using
    2) Spray directly on area where lubrivation is needed. Regular use will extend the life and improve performance of the equipment

    Package Includes :

  • 1x HARDEX HD 600 400ml Spray Grease with Red Straw Tube
  • Specifications :

  • Brand : Hardex
  • Warranty Type : No Warranty
  • Model : HD600
  • Packing size : 400ml
  • Weight : 0.4kg
  • Sweeping width can reach 980mm. It can sweep large area and corner quickly thoroughly.
  • The efficiency is equivalent to 10 cleaner.
  • No need electric power. No energy No noise No pollution.
  • Foldable Design Save Place
  • Its made of high quality plastic. Durable and resistant.
  • Suitable for supermarkets, factory workshop, commercial area, restaurant, schools, hospitals, etc