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HUSQVARNA BRUSHCUTTER 131R Good quality than expected. With a 1.6-horsepower 1.6-liter engine, you can work comfortably with a hand-held grip that allows you to work a long way.

Husqvarna เครื่องตัดหญ้าสะพายบ่า รุ่น 131R   Two-ply high-strength piston ring To work fully.
Husqvarna เครื่องตัดหญ้าสะพายบ่า รุ่น 131R   9 gear teeth, high strength, high torque.
Husqvarna เครื่องตัดหญ้าสะพายบ่า รุ่น 131R   High performance air filter Easy to clean, no tools needed.
Husqvarna เครื่องตัดหญ้าสะพายบ่า รุ่น 131R   28 mm. Spindle with 8-vibration spring suspension.
Husqvarna เครื่องตัดหญ้าสะพายบ่า รุ่น 131R   Steel base for added strength and durability.
Husqvarna เครื่องตัดหญ้าสะพายบ่า รุ่น 131R   With a dark grip Heavy duty aluminum handle Strong Reduces vibration on the handle.
Husqvarna เครื่องตัดหญ้าสะพายบ่า รุ่น 131R   Handlebar grip set with adjustable rubber grip and soft rubber hand firmly.
Husqvarna เครื่องตัดหญ้าสะพายบ่า รุ่น 131R   Heavy duty metal clutch cover. Reduce vibration With vent.


  • Low noise engine.
  • Smart Start.
  • Low vibration.
  • Adjustable rear handle.
  • Long cutter bar.
  • Auto return stop switch.
  • Air purge.
  • In lined outlet The fan housing is designed so that the air stream is in lined with the handle. This makes the machine very easy to manoeuvre.
  • Auto return stop switch Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for trouble-free starting.
  • Cruise control Fan speed can be set for easier handling.
  • Adjustable tube length The blowing tube length is adjustable for best performance.
  • Intuitive controls The controls are well gathered and easy to access.
  • Fuel pump Fuel pump designed for easy starting.
Fuel Type Petrol
Ignition Type Recoil
Weight 7.0Kg
Engine Size 25.4cc
Bar Length 10" / 25cm
Type Garden Pruning

Length: 13" inches

Weight: 1 1/2 lbs (0.68KG)

Axe Head Weight: 0.6 KG

Cylinder displacement 35.2 см³

Bar length (inch) 16"

Recommended bar length, max 16 in

Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 8.64 lbs

  • MAX POWER : 6.5HP

Engine displacement 389 cc
Maximum Power 9.5kW/13.0HP @ 3600rpm
Net Power 8.2kW/11.0HP @ 3600rpm
Maximum Torque 25.1N.m/2500rpm
Fuel tank volume 6.5 L
Oil capacity 1100 ml

A basic and handy tiller that is easy to manoeuvre. Powered by a reliable and powerful Husqvarna engine and equipped with a bumper to protect the engine in use or during transportation. Foldable handlebar and transport wheel is standard. The fully sealed transmission makes it a perfect and long-lasting partner for work in wet cultures. This is a tiller for every customer who values durability and long-lasting efficiency.

  • Cylinder displacement

    196 cm³

  • Cultivator type


  • Working depth

    30 cm

  • Working width

    75 cm

Product details of Husqvarna Combi Can

Product information Colour Orange Sizes Volume oil 2.5 lit / 0.66 gal. Volume petrol 6 lit / 1.59 gal. This in-house developed combi can has an effective fuel overfill protection. When the tank is full, the flow is automatically shut off and you can lift the can up without spillage. The cans can be separated from each other, with space for files and tools in between them.