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Description: P-529 Alkaline Degreaser is a concentrated mixture of solvent & surfactants, sequestrates, alkalis and additives.

Uses It is used as a degreasing solution for the removal of both light and heavy contamination of engine oils, resinous materials and soft carbon.

Method Use It is generally recommended that a concentration of 10 - 20% v/v in water be used for light contaminations. The working solution should be left in contact with the soil for approximately 15 minutes and then rinsed off with a spray system. For the removal of very heavy contaminations, it may be necessary to use higher concentrations of P-529.

Physical Properties Eye contact : Severely irritating Skin contact : Irritating, avoid frequent or prolonged skin contact Inhalation : In high concentrations vaporous are irritating to eyes and mucous membrane


1) Keep containers closed. 3) Avoid breathing vapors.

2) Do not get in eyes. 4) Avoid prolonged skin contact.

Specific Techinal Information

Appearance : Clear liquid

Specific Gravity : 1.2g/cm3

PH Value : 12 +/- 0.5

Storage Store in dry and cool (below 40 deg. C). Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep away from food and children.

Note All recommendations for use of our products, whether given by us in writing, orally, or to be implied from the results of tests carried out by us, are based on the current state of our knowledge at the time such recommendations are made. As additional information is learned, these recommendations may be updated. They may also be impacted by circumstances outside our control. Notwithstanding any such recommendations, the user shall remain responsible for satisfying himself that the product as supplied by us are suitable or his intended process or purpose. Since we cannot control the application, use or processing of the products, we cannot responsibility therefore. The user shall ensure that the intended use of the products will not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights.

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